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Art Therapy and Mental Illness.

Art therapy has long since been recognised as a valuable tool for communicating feelings when talking fails. It is the freedom to express emotions with creativity and without grammar or formula. It is feasible to suggest that presenting paper and a means of painting or drawing to almost anyone in any culture in the world, of any age or ability would result in some expression of creativity even if it were as minimal as a line or scribble, one does not have to be artistically gifted to participate.

Art therapy is highly beneficial during the Covid virus and should be encouraged unreservedly and should include all abilities.

2020 and 2021 will be remembered for causing isolation and despair in people with existing mental health issues but also to people not usually prone to negative emotions. Art therapy isn't about becoming a great artist however if that is your goal the future is yet unscripted and nothing is impossible.

It is about using hands and minds in a purely therapeutic and creative endeavour to satisfy oneself alone without feeling the need to meet expectations of others.

There are no rules in Art therapy other than the freedom to create in a safe and supportive environment. This encourages the participants right to draw, paint or create their own experiences and emotions. The experience of using Art can be very personal and enhancing to the individual and likely to activate the natural reward system endorphin release. These are chemical messengers in our bodies which play an important role in managing pain and experiencing pleasure.

Art therapy creates a platform where the participant can express feelings and investigate conflicts in a pure and original form. A good facilitator can use various suggestions to trigger work done in an Art therapy class where participants find difficulty in beginning the session. For more details use the contact page to leave a message.

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