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Codiv19 an enforced period of reflection and Creativity.

Some people might think that this period of lockdown we are experiencing means stalling productivity and perhaps that would be true in some cases but to my knowledge there has been more activity in and around the home than would be normal at this time of year. Certainly on my grocery shopping trips I have passed gardeners gardening and families walking with children taking rare opportunities for strengthening bonds otherwise impossible whilst both parents are at work.

I have divided my time between painting, thinking and gardening. I find painting with oils and solvents means that I do need to go outdoors at least for s part of my day and my best go to is to potter about and arrange my garden just like I would a painting. I love colour and enjoy composing my small back garden into pockets of colour which I enjoy looking especially in the early morning when everything is fresh and vibrant.

I do not normally choose to paint Landscapes however a friend sent me a photograph he took in the early morning of Burbage Common and woods and I recently completed this and have included the Landscape.

Oil on box stretch canvas 20" x 12"

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