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Nude Figure Life Model event.

Life model drawing and painting practice sessions are essential for any artist wishing to secure a more energetic and interesting image. I have found that drawing the figure from life has inspired me on many occasions with ideas for a new painting.

(The oil painting for this particular Blog titled 'The Harlequin Man' began life as a sketch of a Life Model which was then transferred onto a large stretched box canvas in my studio and from there evolved into the finished work.)

Drawing from life can be intensive but the results are worth the effort. Poses can be many and varied and an experienced model will know how to create interesting adaptations to traditional stances whether they are sitting, standing, kneeling or reclining with or without props.

Sheepbridge Studio are hosting a Life model session 11th and 12th September at the Intake Business Centre. 10-12 Saturday and Sunday morning.

Our experienced models are Fleur and Robb. All abilities are most welcome.

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