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Oils or Acrylics?

There are many reasons why artists choose one medium over another. I myself love both Oil painting Acrylics for different reasons.

Acrylics are more quick drying, sometimes dry in minutes whilst oils can sometimes take weeks to dry. If acrylics are too diluted the pigment becomes less rich and less vibrant so thinning down should be avoided. Acrylic mediums can be bought which do not alter the pigment .

In my opinion, for blending purposes, oils are more suited though acrylics can be bought which extend the time it takes for them to dry therefore allowing the paint to remain wet enough to blend.

Acrylics can be purchased in light or heavy bodied tubs and tubes depending on personal preferences. Textures can be added by brush stroke, palette knives or by purchasing mixes from art shops e.g micro beads, volcanic grains, and various bulking which the acrylic paint sets into the painting.

The consistency of oil paints in tubes varies only slightly with some makers having a more creamy texture than others. The oil painter can also create texture with brushstrokes and alternatively add mediums to create the desired finish.

Generally speaking arists have their favourite go to brand and in my next blogs I will identify some of mine in both Acrylics and Oil paints.

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