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This is the time to reflect and plan ahead.

Like every earth shattering occurrence e.g. Tsunami (above) and presently the Corona outbreak the need to sit and reflect on what is important in our lives becomes clear.

My painting is important to me as is the wellbeing of my family and friends. Through my painting I can satisfy the clients who commission work from me but the 'extra down' time the enforced isolation is giving me bonus time to examine and imagine new work.

Will I finish more sculptures and hold that exhibition of sculptural works I have been talking about for 4 years?

Will I finalise my plan to take an Art Exhibition to Latvia my parents homeland?

I am determined to not waste a second of this valuable time we are offered to find positivity in our future and I am not alone. If you are a creative whether it be in painting, stitching or papercrafts etc etc jump on my bandwagon and create, create and create and let us all find a platform to Exhibit our work when the crisis is over.

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