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...and the earth moved!

We are buried under the rules of isolation and Social Distance in order to protect our vulnerable from 'The Virus'. This period has so many negatives and it is difficult to see the silver lining after the storm, but look much harder and you will find positives in both people and in creativity as we are buffered by the effects of Global turmoil.

Art or Crafts has the potential to transform this prolonged waiting space to whole new therapeutic levels of personal accomplishments for individuals and for children too.

I choose to paint or draw however I do enjoy Crafts of many kinds and will try new things despite not always succeeding in what I had set out to do. My approach to life is that one thing will lead to another and is a continuous process. learning new things, trying never thought of before projects doesn't come to an abrupt halt when we finish Uni or College. It is thankfully lifelong.

We can all easily pass on kindness to others (as these last few weeks have shown) and we can pass on omething of creative value for our children to enjoy as much as we have enjoyed in the past. We have the time to dedicate spare time to this now. I am thankful I can carry on.

I wish everyone the same Joy.

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